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Pete Townshend & Guitars (Story)

In Early January , 1969 , Pete was at home with Keith playing his
Fender Stratocaster. Keith left the room to get a cup of tea & a slice of cake
& Pete was left alone!! " Pete...... Pete" said a faint voice. Pete didn't know
where it was coming from until he realized it was his guitar talking to him!
Suddenly the Fender Stratocaster started growing arms & legs and jumped right up
in front of Him! " I curse you" spoke the guitar , pointing at Pete. " Keith , i think my guitar
is talking to me". "No , i just think it's your imagination". Pete stood up ,grabbed the
guitar by the neck and smashed it up. " Can't curse me now" whispered Pete smirking.
There was a knock at the front door , Keith answered it . Two Policemen walked in
the living room. " You're under arrest for Murdering a guitar, Mr Townshend" said the officer
handcuffing Pete. " But it's only a guitar" " No but's you're coming with me". " I told you
the guitar was talking to me" explained Pete to Keith. " Oh well........ see you later loser"
" I'll get you next time, just you wait"!! .......
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